PlanSocial is aimed at all sorts of parent and teacher organisations, home school associations, Friends Associations, PTAs, PTFAs and any group of parents, carers or teachers who organise community events and fundraise for their school. (In future we'd like to cater for all sorts of communities that are powered by volunteers!)

The aim is to provide a convenient way to bring your community together both online and offline, in a secure and inclusive manner, which protecting people's privacy and allowing new parents to consider volunteering opportunities in an unpressured environment. 

It doesn't matter what your group is called, or whether you are a registered charity. The main thing is that you want to promote transparency and inclusion,  enabling any member to play a part in the success of your community. It is also designed to help share the load amongst a large group of people, and hand over the reins easily as your child grows and leaves the school. We'd love your feedback on our features, and any suggestions for improvements. Email us at