PlanSocial is a web app, so it does not need to be downloaded - just access it as a web page in your mobile phone's browser.

If you have been invited, you join by clicking the email invite link and accepting the invitation.

To self-register, you need to use your PTA's unique community URL (web address) to join your specific community first. It looks like this:<yourPTAname>

We recommend you put the PlanSocial login button on your school website, PTA website and share your unique registration link on Facebook and twitter.

Once you are a member, you can log in, or using the login menu option on (It works out which community you belong to already when you log in there). You can also still use the same PlanSocial button that you used to register, on the school website.

PlanSocial works on any device that has a web browser, such as a desktop PC or Mac, laptop, tablet (iPad etc), as well as phones with web browsing capabilities. If you do experience any issues with your particular phone, please make sure you have the latest version of your browser and try again. If you still have problem just let us know at and we'll help you!

Once you log in  on any device, it's a really good idea to bookmark the site on that device for quick access. This will vary for each browser or device. E.g. on an iPhone you can click on "Add to home screen" to add an app-like icon to your phone to access PTAsocial quickly and easily.

To find out how to add a PlanSocial icon to your device's home screen, check here.

Please note that some manager functions are only available on desktop, not mobile or tablets -- e.g. re-ordering tasks and activities, quick assign button on tasks and activities, and managing your online event ticket payments.