Although there are a very small number of parents without easy access to the internet, this is becoming a rare situation. All the same, we have built in convenient way to provide print outs,  and update rotas on behalf of others. In fact, PTAsocial provides further opportunities to be more inclusive. Publishing detailed information online gives wider access to working parents, as well as making it accessible to people with disabilities (e.g. visual impairments) or those with difficulty with the English language. In this way, technology actually becomes an enabler. 

Meanwhile, it hugely reduces the workload for organisers, encouraging more people to step forward to manage events... just coz it's so darn easy (and fun)! Making it easier for the organisers and the majority of parents is really important -- because it makes your PTA sustainable rather than moving the burden from a small group of parents to another small group of parents. Having more parents involved builds a stronger, more engaged and jointly responsible community, all sharing the work and the pleasure of knowing they've made a difference to their children's school experience.