How do I contact my event helpers?

Posting a message with "Post & email helpers" will email just the people helping on that event / activity / task depending on which message wall you post on. It will email your message and also remind each individual automatically what they specifically volunteered for and who else is helping on that task. They can also reply to the whole group via PTAsocial. 

Watch this video (1 min 2 seconds)

This makes it really easy as you don't have to scramble around to find the right email addresses. The recipient list will always be up to date and include any new helpers and exclude any helpers who are no longer involved in the task. These messages will be visible to all members of the community on the message wall, making everything transparent. 

Private group conversations (envelope icon, top right) can be composed to one or more individuals if you prefer. Those conversations are only visible to those participating in the conversation.


Clicking on any person's name will let you send them a one-to-one private message, however if a user has opted out of private messaging, you will not be able to do so, nor will their name be found in the private conversations recipients list.