How do I invite members to my community?


You can either invite one person at a time, or multiple people in one go using the Invite Member button in the top bar of the app. (On smaller mobile screens,  only the person symbol with the plus is shown.)


The invite member screen looks like this:





To invite them you must include a valid email address, and full name. Phone number is optional. It is also helpful to add a relationship to the school. Any member of the community is able to invite new members, so it is useful for the Community Managers (Chairperson or committee members) to keep a record of how this person is linked to the school. The person sending the invitation will also be recorded so you can keep tabs on who's inviting whom.


If the inviter ticks the permission checkbox at the bottom, this means the invited person has verbally or otherwise agreed to receive email updates from the PTA, and only in this case will their email address be stored in the system. This is known as an "opted-in" invite. 


If they have not opted-in, i.e. the checkbox is not ticked, all we do is fire an email off to them, and store a securely encrypted version of it in the database, which even we can't read. This ensures they won't receive any emails they did not ask for, but means we will match them up with their existing account if they do activate their account at a later date. 


NB Ticking the box DOES NOT sign them up to a marketing / spammy list. It just means they will get the emails your PTA sends out, and also any other system emails e.g. if they are assigned to a task or sent a private message by another member.