When do I need to add an Activity rather than a Task?


An activity is a related group of tasks within an event, a bit like a "sub-event" (ewww but that sounds too techie!).


So activities group your tasks together neatly and also allow you to message just the people involved in that activity. Best of all you can delegate an activity to an activity manager and they can edit it as they see fit, changing descriptions, adding tasks and assigning helpers. They also then get the messages posted on relevant walls they manage, instead of you having to deal with all enquiries yourself.


If you are organising an event with lots of tasks, or with rotas or areas with different people in charge, it makes sense to use activities. For example rather than set up all your organiser tasks at the top of the event taking up prime space, gather them in an activity instead. They are still there for anyone to see if interested, great for transparency for future would-be volunteers. (Handily, it also means you can converse with just the organisers on that activity wall, selecting "Post & email helpers" to start a conversation with just those people doing the organising.)


Another great reason to use them is that you can easily copy activities, including all their underlying tasks. So, first create a rota in an activity, with tasks for each time slot, and specifying your minimum and maximum number of helpers. Then copy that activity for each stall that has the same number of timeslots and helpers. Select the edit button (top right) then "Copy Activity". This will save you a lot of editing time.


Also note that you can set up certain details for each activity, like location, or start and end times. This is useful for example if you have fair stalls set up as activities, so you can explain where the stall is located and what time it is running.

So save your top-level tasks for anything you'd like all parents and teachers to see because it's relevant to all of them, e.g. lending some equipment, or looking for people with certain skills. Group everything else neatly into activities. E.g. So parents from Class X can go straight to their class stall (activity) to volunteer for a timeslot, or offer to donate a needed item.

Some examples below:

A simple event (e.g. Cake Sale) that only has a few tasks or timeslots -- just use Tasks and don't bother with Activities.

Now let's look at a bigger event, like the Summer Fair. Gather the tasks like food contributions up to, and also you could add one for Stall Organisers so you can post messages to them as a group. Or if you would prefer the discussions to be less public, just start a private conversation with the stall organisers. Then create the actual stalls as Activities below, e.g. BBQ & Kitchen, Adopt-a-Pet Stall etc.

Then within each activity you can set up your rota slots so people can volunteer themselves for a specific slot. For example in the BBQ & Kitchen activity, you could have this:

Hope that helps!