How do I announce events to the whole community?

** Event managers -- please ensure you have permission from the Community Manager before sending an update to the entire school community. **

You can announce an event by going to the relevant Event page, and adding a message to the wall using the "Post & email community" option on the dropdown list. 

(When people just "post to wall" it will only be emailed to the managers of the event. Only event managers and community managers have permission / the ability to send posts to the whole community - to avoid spam. )

Watch the 2 minute video below showing how Amy, a PTA Chair, announces a quiz night. See what happens next when Hilary replies to her and volunteers.

The cool thing is though that as more people sign up to help, replies to this conversation will dynamically add them to the recipient list for emails going forward. Neat, huh? Anyone no longer wishing to receive replies can also "unfollow" the conversation. Best of both worlds :)

Note if you only want to message your event volunteers, you can instead send a group message to the helpers on a particular task or activity by selecting the  "Post & email helpers" option before clicking POST. This will email only the members who are helping already. More info here.