How do people self-register for our community?

You can find the link to register on the Manage page (only visible to Community Managers). Your community has unique web address (URL).

It looks something like<yourUniqueId>

You can email this to parents on your existing mailing list, ask the school office to send it out, or share it on your PTA's Facebook or Twitter profiles.

We also provide you with a widget (i.e. PlanSocial button) for your school website. This is a little snippet of code that puts our logo on your PTA or school website, and links to the registration or login page when somebody clicks it. 

When somebody new clicks the link to register, they will see this short registration form:

Once they submit it, the community manager receives an email notification requesting approval. When the manager approves them, the member is emailed to say they can log in.

You can also choose to skip the approval step and auto-approve members who register, so they don't need to wait for the Community Manager to let them in. This is handy for large public events like a summer fair or book fair (i.e. where the volunteer tasks are displayed to non-members before they join).