Can members choose to turn off email notifications?

Yes, we only want people to receive messages they are happy to hear about, and we think they should have the right to turn them off if they get annoying, or if they would prefer to log in and read messages instead. In every email they receive, there is a link in the footer to change their email notification preferences:

They can edit these even if they are not a fully active member, but opted in to receive them. However if they have either accepted an invitation or registered themselves and been approved to join they can also access these preferences on their Profile Page in the app:

See what they can change below. The more control we give parents, the more likely they are to give the PTA their email address, and the less likely they are to unsubscribe completely. So they can still log in and browse, even if they turn all their notifications off. (But then they might miss out on some fun events if they hear about it too late!)