If I join PTAsocial will I get bombarded with emails?

Firstly, PTAsocial does not add you to some spammy marketing mailing list. No way Jose.

Emails you receive will originate from a member of your community, either because they have sent a message to everyone at school (e.g. announcing a new PTA event) or about a task that you have offered to help with (e.g. message to all BBQ helpers). We may also send some timely reminder emails from the system so you don't forget what you're meant to be doing.

If somebody at school assigns you to a task because you offered help verbally, then when they update the system PTAsocial fires off an email to you to confirm and ensure you're in agreement. You can unvolunteer if you need to, but it would be polite to let them know if so! You can write a post on the task wall to explain... or message them privately by clicking on their name.

People can also send you a private message, but you can either turn off the email notifications and read them in your PTAsocial Conversations inbox, or opt out of private messages altogether if you are feeling particularly unsociable. (This could be handy for teachers who want to be in the loop but don't want parents to be able to message them willy-nilly!)

The bottom line is... YOU control what you want to be emailed about at any point. We are hugely in favour of you being able to set your own notification preferences. So sign up with confidence that you are in control of your destiny! 

If the PTA committee are sending you crazy amounts of email, perhaps you ought to have a quiet word and let them know! Feedback is important. If they don't listen, that's when you probably want to turn off some of the email notifications (there is a link in each email footer). At least that way you can still log in, see what's going on and keep up to speed at your own convenience.