Can I choose to turn off PlanSocial email notifications?

Yes, we only want people to receive messages they are happy to hear about, and we think you should have the right to turn them off if they get annoying, or if you would prefer to log in and read messages instead. In every email you receive, there is a link in the footer to change their email notification preferences:

You can edit these even if you are not a fully active member, but opted in to receive them. However if you have either accepted an invitation or registered yourself and been approved to join you can also access these preferences on your Profile Page in the app:

So... this is what you can change:

The only emails that are mandatory are the group messages that are sent by your PTA organisers to people who have volunteered for something. This means you will only receive these if you said you'll help with something specific. It means they just click one button to email only the people helping with one particular thing. We need to make sure you get that message, or PlanSocial won't be doing its job!

Everything else you can turn off if you want to, and just log in to see what the latest news is. It's here for your convenience, and it's not meant to be annoying or bombard you with unwanted emails.