Hang on just a minute there fella -- we're not advocating stopping real life conversations altogether! The people in your school community are what make it fun and worthwhile. By all means, continue using your charm at the school gates to persuade and cajole people into getting involved! We're not telling you to stop. 

It also makes it easy to track your volunteers on the go, plonk users straight into the rota as soon as they agree to a slot. Low tech mobile solution is to jot it down on paper and update it on your desktop when you get home, or if you are the lucky owner of a phone with a web browser, do it on the spot!

What's more, for those that you can't reach because they don't do the school run every day, this is a great new opportunity to reach a wider circle of volunteers. In secondary schools this is especially relevant as parents and carers hardly get a chance to meet.

Each message you send out using PTAsocial is signed by you, a REAL person, and in most cases (event updates, messages to helpers) you write your own personalised message to the recipients.. 

So the upshot is, PTAsocial helps you do what you are doing already, only better! ;)