IMPORTANT: How do I reply to messages?

Hint: Don't hit "reply" from your email program when you receive a message notification. 

There's a reminder at the top of the email that says:

*Please do not reply to this message directly.*

but occasionally people still hit reply...

Instead... just click the main button in the email to take you to the relevant page. 

If it's an event notification, it will take you to the event page to see the latest details. If you want to send a message to the event manager, click on their name to send them a private message. You cannot reply to the whole school. (That could get annoying for people!)

If it's an email assigning you as a helper, it will take you to the task description.

If it's a group message to you and other task helpers on a particular task, it will take you to the group conversation to read the latest posts and add a reply if you like.

If it's a private message to you, it will take you to the private conversation page where you can reply.

If you have not logged out of PTAsocial on your device it will take you straight in, otherwise obviously you need to log back in. If you have not yet accepted your invitation to join your community and were opted-in, it will ask you to accept and set a password first then take you to the relevant page.