I've just been made an Event Manager. What does this mean?!

Don't panic! If you are an Event Manager on PlanSocial, it just means your Community Manager (PTA Chair or somebody else in charge around here) thinks you're a responsible adult who can handle organising an *ahem* knees-up in a brewery. Ok... maybe panic just a leeetle.

Seriously, it just means you have been given access to edit the event's details: title, time, venue and description. 

You can edit tasks and activities (groups of tasks) for stuff that needs doing, like getting stuff ready, ordering things before an event -- basically anything you'd like to delegate to other volunteers. 

You can even assign an Activity manager, who can edit the tasks and description of that specific activity, assign helpers to it, and answer any questions posted on the activity message wall -- freeing you up!

You can also set up Activities as rotas - just create a task for each timeslot e.g. call them:

  • 3.30-4.00pm Sell 2nd Hand Uniform
  • 4.00-4.30pm Sell 2nd Hand Uniform

Donations or contributions of items, this makes it easy to get an even balance: 

  • Donate Chocolate Cakes
  • Donate Fruit cakes
  • Donate Biscuits

You can set minimum or maximum helpers needed for each timeslot or donation. This means the task will say "Full" when you have enough help, and people will not be able to tick the box anymore.

You can announce your event to the community and request some helpThe event details and description are automatically included in your email so you don't have to spend ages repeating everything. This will email everyone in school who is registered, so please use this responsibly -- nobody likes spammers.

You can assign people to tasks. Woohoo!

You can easily send messages to the right group of helpers, either on a single task, activity or the whole event.  You can use this to easily remind helpers what they volunteered for, and it's handy for a thank you note afterwards too.

You can keep track and get a whole-event overview using the "View task tables" button top right of the screen, also great for printing out and pinning to boards if you are so inclined.


Nice and easy. Enjoy! 

.... Want to see it all on video? (Funky music alert!)

[NOTE - PlanSocial was formerly known as PTAsocial]