What's the best way to get started with PTAsocial?

PTAsocial is really fast to set up. Sign up for an account here, verify your email address, you'll have instant access to your account and can start creating and editing events, inviting members, approving membership requests and sending out event updates right away.

People who sign up usually want to mess about with it a bit to check it works. We recommend you grab a few of your committee members or regular event helpers, ideally sit together in a room for 10-15 minutes and try out the following, and check your inbox to see the email notifications that get sent:

  • Invite someone, and have them accept your invitation
  • Get them to invite somebody else, and have them accept the invitation
  • Invite somebody 
  • Have another person use the self-register link, then approve them 
  • Create an event, edit the details, add a few tasks
  • Assign an Event Manager 
  • Assign somebody to a task
  • Ask somebody to volunteer for a task
  • Send a message to helpers
  • Send a mesage to the community
  • Click on a member's name to send a private message
  • Click on the envelope icon (top nav bar) to write a private messages
  • Click on the profile icon (top right) to set your profile picture and bio and see your tasks
  • Edit your preferences to adjust your notifications
  • Set up a Payment account and add tickets to an event
  • Buy a ticket

That pretty much covers the basics of PTAsocial. If you're ready to get started, spend an hour or so setting up your upcoming PTA events and jot down any tasks needing volunteers, then you're good to start inviting the wider school community. 

Anyone you invite will also be able to invite more people, so it grows really quickly and organically. If you have class reps (room parents), they are the ideal people to help you divide and conquer! 

If your school will let you send PTA emails as an extension of school email, and are happy to provide their mailing list - we can upload this for you. Just contact us on support@ptasocial.com and we'll get it sorted.

Check out this getting started video that sums up how you get people on board...