People who sign up usually want to mess about with it a bit to check it works, and then try it out with your committee. Here are a few things you can send your committee if you want to run it by them before you invite them to the app:

1) Download the attached PlanSocial one-page flyer to print out and take to a meeting. Alternatively you can just copy and paste this link into an emailPlanSocial Flyer

2) Send your committee this link to explain the concept of PlanSocial: Welcome video (1 min). You can also send them a video about how it works (2 mins)

3) Then invite them to the app and edit the event called "PTA Committee: Try out PlanSocial", assigning them as Event Managers. This means when they visit the event page they will be shown the Event Manager help video (6 mins).

Ideally, we recommend you grab a few of your committee members or regular event helpers, sit together in a room for 10-15 minutes and try it out all together to get a full picture of what happens. Here's what to do:

  • Invite someone, and have them accept your invitation

  • Get them to invite somebody else, and have them accept the invitation. You (the community manager) will get an email to let you know.

  • Try inviting somebody without ticking the opt-in permission checkbox, and another person with. The person who was opted in will start to receive event notifications right away, but the second person will only receive updates once they accept their invitation.

  • Have another person use the self-register link, then approve them (you'll get an email request, or just refresh the Manage screen). 

  • Create an event, edit the details, add a few tasks (only you as community manager see the add and edit buttons)

  • Assign somebody as an Event Manager -- they'll get an email telling them, and now they will also be able to edit the event and add tasks.

  • Try assigning somebody to a task by clicking on the task name and assigning them as a helper - they'll get an email to let them know.

  • Ask a few people to volunteer for a task, you'll see their name against it when you refresh the page.

  • Use a task message wall to group message the people helping on a task (all members can do this) or just post to the wall without sending email (see drop down selector).

  • Use an event message wall to send an event update email to all members of the community, or just post to the wall so people can see your message next time they browse. See the email they all receive - it automatically includes the event description with your message. They can reply to the group message for all to see, or just click the volunteer link to put their name down directly to help with something specific.

  • Click on a member's name to send them a private message

  • Click on the envelope icon in the top nav bar to read or compose private messages to one or more members.

  • Create some Groups for year groups (grades) and classes. Join a group, add another member to the group, Message the group members on the group message wall.

  • Click on the profile icon (top right in nav bar) to select your profile, set your profile picture and bio and see what events or tasks you've signed up for.

  • On the profile page, you can edit your preferences to receive fewer notifications or exclude yourself from being messaged privately if you prefer.

  • Go to the Manage page to set up a payment account for your PTA to receive money when you sell tickets or (soon) receive sponsorship funds.

  • Go to an Event page and click Edit to set up some tickets to sell - choose 'Registration Type: Tickets' and select your payment account.

What next?

If you're ready to get started, spend an hour setting up your upcoming PTA events and jot down all tasks that you'll do yourselves or still needing volunteers, then you're good to start inviting the wider school community. Anyone you invite will also be able to invite more people, so it grows really quickly and organically. If you have class reps (room parents), they are the ideal people to help you divide and conquer! If your school will let you send PTA emails as an extension of school email, and are happy to provide their mailing list - we can upload this for you. Also see How to Launch for more info.

Lots of useful info on this helpdesk, in-app video on each page, and you can always email us at if you get stuck. Have fun!