What about our members' emails? You're not going to spam them, are you?

The short answer is -- no we're not!

Firstly, we don’t even store email addresses unless they either accepted an invitation, or were invited with the permission flag set as opted-in.  If we don't have your permission, we literally fire off the invitation email and then encrypt the email address so it's basically useless as we cannot decipher it. (The only reason why we encrypt it and keep that is so when you do come back and accept the invitation, we can match you up with the invite by encrypting your email address again and comparing it. Told you we were geeky!)

The emails that are entered in the system are definitely not shared with any 3rd parties. Even us folks at PTAsocial never email them - so they will only ever receive emails that you (the PTA community manager and event managers, or members who message each other) send them via the system, e.g. posts on the message walls,  or system-generated emails e.g. when you assign somebody as a helper. We definitely don’t want to annoy people with unwanted emails so always advise the message "post & email community option" to be used with care, to avoid people leaving the online community due to being overwhelmed. 

What's more, we also allow members to set their own email preferences, so they can stop receiving emails and just log in to see what’s going on instead (this is a darn sight better than being on a massive group email list that you can never get off or turn off replies from!). Giving people more control over what they receive will take away the barriers to signing up. We hope you agree!

We present everyone who sign up with the terms and conditions and privacy policy. N.B. As a community manager, it's important that you keep an eye on how the system is being used, and set some basic house rules to guide your committee and your members. In the unlikely event that somebody abuses the system, they would be in breach of the membership terms so can be blocked by us if you so request. 

The responsibility for flagging inappropriate behaviour remains with you and your members, and we'll take any necessary action if you report this to support@ptasocial.com. Only Community Managers and Event Managers have the authority to send out messages to all members, so this will protect your community from over-zealous posters.