PTAsocial offers a great way to pass on detailed knowledge of event organising to the next committee or class rep who takes over. However a lot of details could be overwhelming to the general parent base. One way to focus people on the areas you need general help with is to create an Activity with the organisational stuff, so it is a little hidden away, but there for anyone who is interested in knowing what's involved.

Some committee say they want to hide this away, on a need-to-know basis only. However we argue that everyone does need to know. Transparency is really important if you want people to understand what's really involved and give it a go. You may think they ought to be in blissful ignorance until you have them trapped in the room (joke! sort of...) but actually this fear of the unknown is what puts a lot of people off even coming along to find out more. 

Our advice is... create an activity or task called "Organiser notes" and put the finer detail in there. That way, it's there for anyone who is curious, takes away the mystery and they can see how the tasks are broken down and delegated so it's not all the problem of the one organiser! Then, in the more "public" areas, e.g on the event main page, you can have the few important tasks you really want the majority of parents helping with, e.g. food contributions etc. This means a quick glance is enough to see how the average well-meaning but busy parent can help.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time....