Example email to send to parents

Dear parents, carers and teachers of <your school>,

We are excited to announce that we are introducing a great new way for our parents and teachers to communicate about fundraising and social events at our school. PlanSocial is an online community hub that strengthens and grows our school community. It allows you to stay up to speed with the latest news, and can be viewed from your smartphone, tablet or home computer. It gives you control over what emails you receive, and protects your privacy.

It’s a simple way to get in touch with other parents, and plan stuff together. It's easy for you RSVP to PTA events, or offer to help just a little, and make a big difference together. You can get involved as much or as little as you want, it’s up to you -- but you’re invited!

Take a few seconds to join us now (edit as appropriate):

 If your school are willing to provide our trusted support team with a list of names and email addresses of parents, or if parents have already provided their email details to your PTA:

You'll be receiving an email invitation from PlanSocial soon, please accept your invitation to join.

If you want to invite them without opting them in to receive further communication:

You will not receive any further communications from PlanSocial unless you opt in to our PTA mailing list by accepting your invitation. You can then change your notification preferences or opt out at any time.

OR if you want to invite them and opt them in to receive further communications even if they do not take an action to accept the invitation (only do this if you have prior permission to contact them for School/PTA matters via email):

As you've provided your email address to the PTA previously, you'll be opted in to receive our updates via PlanSocial. You can change your notification preferences or opt out at any time.

OR if you do not have email addresses or just want to offer the option to register anyway :

  • Please click this link to register with our community on PlanSocial: <put your unique registration link here>

If you have a room parent or class rep system in place :

  • Ask a committee member or Class Parent Rep to invite you.

Make sure you add the register button to your school and PTA website too so you can add this sentence :

  • You'll also find a PlanSocial button on our school website, where you can register or log in.

Let’s have some fun and raise money for the school while we’re at it! :)