Why should I bother registering as a member on PlanSocial?

Contact other parents at school easily

Ever wanted to arrange a playdate or a lift for your child but did not have the other parent's number or email? You can send a message to any member without needing to know this. (However, if you are the unsociable sort - you can easily choose not to receive private messages.) 

Stay in the Loop

If you want to hear about your PTA's news and events, or even class nights out, coffee mornings, playdates etc, this is going to be the easiest way to keep in touch. You have more control over the communications you receive than you would if you simply handed out your email address. It connects you with your school community online, without compromising your privacy. No need to be left out, even if you work full-time.

Keep school news private and secure

Some schools use social media to share news, however interaction can sometimes be limited, mixing home / friend  /teacher streams or over e-safety concerns for the kids. There are also those who choose not to have a Facebook account for instance, or worry about accidentally sharing news with the wrong audience. PlanSocial keeps school news separate, providing a safe and private way to communicate with your school community. 

More convenient than printing and returning slips of paper

You'll get an email about an upcoming event, and can click a button to RSVP or pick a specific task / timeslot you want to help with. You can even see who else is already helping. Any time you want to access details of any event, no more rummaging for a crumpled slip of paper, it's just a click and tick away, even on any mobile browser. Check your profile page to see remind yourself what events you're attending, or what you've volunteered for. 

Tailored to *your* personal needs

Only hear about relevant updates, get messages meant just for you or for volunteers on your specific task only. You'll even get a reminder of what you volunteered for. You can set your profile picture and update your personal email preferences any time to turn off various types of notifications. In fact you'll have more control over your email inbox than ever!

Your privacy is protected

You will not be joining some spammy email list -- PlanSocial takes your privacy very seriously and keeps your data securely. We will never sell your data to third parties, and have no intention of spamming you. We lay out the terms and conditions and privacy policy clearly when you sign up.

Environmentally friendly

The amount of paper wasted on print outs and reply-slips, not to mention the hassle photocopying, distributing, collecting and processing replies.

Building a community

Joining your school community on PlanSocial is of overall benefit to the school children. The combined goodwill, skills and experience of the parent community is a powerful combination, and PlanSocial will help you to connect safely and efficiently, increasing serendipity and opportunities for parents to contribute a wide rage of skills. Let your children benefit from a strong and connected school community.  Without PlanSocial, communication is more difficult and every time a new committee starts they have the monumental task of re-building a network of helpers. PlanSocial helps schools break away from the pitfalls of potential cliques forming and makes it an inclusive and rewarding experience for everyone!

PlanSocial is simple, intuitive and convenient to use: JUST CLICK & TICK! 

It's here to make your life easier, so register now on your school website or accept your invitation when it arrives...

Simply use your existing email address -- all you need to do is set a password. If you can't find the register link/button on your school website just put "PlanSocial register <your school name> into a search engine.

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