Now event, activity and task pages have a message wall where your community members can interact and chat. It's really useful for discussions and to share knowledge on particular topics.

Here's an example of an event message wall, on the right hand side of this image:

Conversations are posted on event walls by community managers or event managers, and any member can respond by clicking on the message title and posting their response to the wall. Members are expected to behave responsibly, but Managers have the ability delete and inappropriate posts if necessary. Members can also delete their own posts if they made an error.

Members have more freedom to start their own conversations on the activity or task walls, to encourage planning or chatting about individual stalls or tasks being carried out by smaller groups of people. Making these conversations public opens up opportunities, making new helpers feel welcome to step in, and fosters a bit of collaboration and possible serendipity!

As well as simply posting to the message wall, you can add email notifications, either to the entire community (handy when announcing a new event) or just to the helpers (e.g. to remind them of what they promised to do.)

N.B. New one-to-one or group conversations that are composed privately on the Conversations page are still kept private. It is only posts on the event, activity or task walls that are visible to all.