Can we upload a file to invite members in bulk?

Yes! You can just fill in this spreadsheet and email it to (You'll find similar help notes inside too for your convenience.) The spreadsheet is view-only so you'll need to make a copy in google sheets or just go to File > download as Microsoft xlsx file to edit your own copy.

The details we need for each member are:

First Name (mandatory)
Last Name (mandatory)
Email (mandatory and must be unique)
Phone Number (optional)
Relationship (optional e.g. Committee role / Class Name / Staff)
Opt-in* Have they agreed to receive emails from the PTA? (TRUE/FALSE)
How Consent was obtained (short phrase 4-5 words)

We value your privacy and we are registered with the ICO for Data Protection. 

We can send the invitations out from your Community Manager account so it is as if it was sent by your Community Manager, so make sure your Community Manager's profile is set up with the name and profile picture you'd like them to see on the invitation email.

Please note:

- if your list includes members who are already active, they will not receive the invitation

- if your list includes members who have already been invited but are not yet active, they will receive another invitation email 

- if you have duplicate email addresses of new/inactive members on the list, they will receive an email for each entry, so please only include each email address once. Note that email addresses must be unique, so two individual members cannot share the same email address

- if including a phone number, make sure a leading zero is present if required. HINT: enter as a text field by using a space first or in the middle.

What opt-in means

*We operate a "Fire & Forget" policy if the invited member is not "Opted-in" i.e.:

  • Any member entry you have marked as Opt-in TRUE: they will be invited and opted in, i.e. they will start receiving any announcement emails and event updates you send out, even if they have not accepted your invitation yet. This should only be set to TRUE if they have provided their email to you for purposes of being contacted by the PTA.
  • Any member entry you have marked as Opt-in FALSE, they will be invited but their email address will be encrypted so that they will not receive any further email updates you send from PlanSocial unless they accept your invitation and hence decipher their email address. This should be set to FALSE if you are inviting somebody who has not agreed in advance to be added to  PlanSocial.

(Clever stuff, this!)

Keeping your data safe

We will delete your CSV file afterwards, so will not retain any data of your members other than those who are either opted in, or subsequently accept the PlanSocial invite. 

We only use their email address to send out your PTA communications, task updates and occasional summary emails about the latest news or activity in your community, to keep them up to date with your news, and get them more involved in your community. (They can control their profile preferences or leave the community at any time.)

No marketing emails or spam. Ever.


We also now ask you to provide a short 4-5 word phrase explaining how you obtained the parent's consent if you are opting them in. We have additionally allowed for phone numbers to be uploaded (optional) in response to popular requests.

See the attached template for you to download and complete. Just send it back to when you are ready.