Can I re-invite people?

Well that depends on the situation:

1) If the member has never activated their account, you can just re-invite them the normal way using the Invite member button at the top, and they will get another email inviting them.

2) If they are active already and you (or somebody else) are inviting them anyway, the system will not tell you but it won't bother emailing them because they have already joined!


3) Another way to invite people is using the Quick Assign button shown below (only available to Event Managers and Community Managers).



There are two tabs available, so first check whether they are already a member in the "Existing Member" tab by starting to type their name. However if you are pretty sure already that they are new, you might go to the "Or New Member" tab.




So let's say you thought they were new but they had joined already. When you try to "quick-assign" them to a task and simultaneously invite them as a new member, you'll get a warning when you try to add them. See below:




4) Finally, be aware that if you invite them but do not use the exact same email address (even a typo counts!), they will be invited again but will have two entries for their name in the member list, which can cause confusion. In cases where this happens,you can use the "Delete" button on the Manage page to remove the incorrect entry for harmony to be restored!

Hope that helps!