How to encourage more volunteers for your event

Getting your event and tasks listed is just the start. Ideally you'll already have members registered, and your community will gradually grow with each event. If you are a brand new PTAsocial community) follow our launch advice for that. 

We also recently launched the ability to make your event PUBLIC, so anyone can see what help is needed. When they click a button to help, then they will need to register. 

Gently remind people you are just volunteers, and the events and funds raised benefit THEIR children, and that the events simply can't run without their help. You're in it together! 

Other factors that make a difference to the number of volunteers who come forward:

  • clear descriptions of what needs doing on every activity and task
  • making the tasks or rota-slots small enough not to put people off
  • a welcoming message speaking to the reader, asking for their help on each event, activity and task if possible
  • posting a regular message to the whole community on the Event wall, EVERY week running up to any major event that requires a lot of volunteers
  • keep everyone up to date with progress, tell them how many people are helping now (or not) and where the most help is needed
  • help them to understand that it's a collaborative effort -- they'll start to feel they are missing out if they don't join in!
  • add your profile picture so they can see your face and make the connection with a real person - it's harder to ignore you!
  • Send a reminder to all helpers from the event page the day before the event -- this will remind each individual what they volunteered for
  • Send a thank you after the event to all helpers too :)
  • Do a final message to the whole community saying how the event went, how much was raised, and what it will be spent on (if you already know). Also mention how the growing number of helpers made a huge difference and that if they did not manage to help this time, you look forward to their help next time!