I've just been made an Activity Manager. What does this mean?!

Okey-dokey, so now you have permission to edit the activity's details: title, time, venue and description. This is your patch now, so if somebody posts a question on the wall here on the activity message wall, or on the message wall of a particular task here, you'll get an email notification so you can comment or answer them.

If your school assigns each stall to a particular class, it's a good idea to put the class name in the title of the activity so parents from your class can easily spot it and volunteer for the right stall.

Now you can add tasks (and edit tasks) that you'd like volunteers for. You can set minimum and maximum numbers, and you can also invite and assign people to tasks if they have offered to help. (They will be emailed automatically to let them know.)

If you are in charge of a stall, just create a task for each timeslot e.g. 

  • 3.30-4.00pm
  • 4.00-4.30pm


Each task will say "Full" when you have enough helpers for that timeslot, so people will not be able to tick the box anymore.

Quick editing tip:

Set up your first rota slot, set the description, min and max and save it. You can either just copy this task using the Copy button, or if you have several to do, go back to edit from the task list itself so you can quickly copy the task as many times as you need to, and edit the names right there. Both ways are shown here in two very short videos

Getting an overview:

You can keep track and see how your activity is doing using the View as Table link, also great for printing out and pinning to boards if you are so inclined. Save a browser bookmark as a shortcut on your phone or computer to quickly check how your stall is doing.

Communicating with volunteers

Your Event Manager or Community Manager will send messages to all parents asking them to volunteer for events by posting on the event message wall. As an Activity Manager, you can then easily send messages to the right group of helpers, either on a single task, or the whole activity by posting on the relevant message wall.  You can use this to easily remind helpers what they volunteered for (your email will automatically include specific details of what each individual volunteered for), and it's handy for a thank you note afterwards too. 



If you get stuck -- get in touch at support@plansocial.app. We'd be happy to help you! :)