Can we have more than one Community Manager?

Free PlanSocial accounts may now only have one Community Manager. This will be enforced shortly, so please discuss this with your committee members and decide on a main point of contact. 

Still bear in mind that all Community Managers will receive all the self-register approval notification emails, as well as being notified whenever a member accepts another member's invitation. If you are just launching our community, and have a big school, this might keep your inbox busy for a while! 

If your PlanSocial price plan allows for more than one Community Manager, you can add another yourself from the Manage page. Just make sure the person you want to as as Community Manager is a member of the community then click on 'Invite as CM' next to their name. They will receive your invitation and agree to the terms and responsibility of managing your community's data.

Please note that if all you want is to have some help managing your events, the single Community Manager just has to create the new events, then assign a regular number as an Event Manager, so they can have full edit rights and email announcements about the event to all members. I.e. there is no need to have multiple Community Managers.

REMEMBER: Community Managers have access to sensitive information such as email addresses and (if you've added them) bank payment details for your PTA, as well as being able to message the entire school community. Therefore we encourage you to minimise access to this data. We do not recommend sharing a community manager email address amongst several people, because this means the audit trail is limited, as you will not know who logged in last with that email address and made changes. This makes it harder to hold people accountable for their actions.

NOTE: Any new Community Managers will also be added to our product newsletter email list, so we can let you know about important news and new app features.