Changing the Community Manager

Want to change who manages your community? 

On the Manage page you can invite any member to be a Community Manager. Just find them on the page (use Ctrl-F or Cmd-F to search) and click on "Invite As CM' to make them a community manager. 

Next time they log in, they will need to accept this invitation in accordance with the terms and responsibilities of managing people's data and having access to the email list.

If they do not respond, or lose the email, you can just re-invite them using the 're-invite' button, or even cancel your invitation on second thoughts!

Note: Any new Community Managers will also be added to our product newsletter email list so we can let you know when stuff changes in the app.

You can also remove any Community Managers (including yourself - but only after you add the new CM!) using the Remove CM button.

Note: if you have been using PlanSocial with your personal email address, but want to start managing it with a generic PTA email address, just invite this as a new user, and remove your old (personal) account as a manager. Then you can log in with one account to act as the PTA, and log in with the personal account to volunteer, buy tickets, message friends etc.

If you do want two accounts, be sure to use a different name, e.g. if your name is Jenny Smith, when you invite the new PTA user write  firstname: Jenny, lastname: PTA Chair, so you know which is which.