Members can now choose to unsubscribe themselves completely rather than contacting the support helpdesk. There are two ways they can do this:

1) Using "Email preferences" link in email footers

2) Using "Edit preferences" on their profile page

(Or as a manager, you can delete a member via the Manage page. Use Cmd-F or Ctrl-F to search for their name or email address then click the delete button to remove them.)

Edit Preferences Screen

You can change your settings for each community, deciding whether to receive event updates, private messages or replies to messages. If you want to leave completely (e.g. if you children leave the school) then scroll down to click the "Leave" button.

Leave screen

You'll see this pop up:

It would be helpful to add a reason why you are leaving - this message goes to the PTAsocial Community Manager.

Email Notifications 

The member who leaves all receive a confirmation email, as will the Community Manager to notify them that this member has now left.