Reporting an issue to Support?

If you are having trouble accessing any PlanSocial features, it could be that you don't have the latest browser version. We always recommend that you keep your browser version updated. 

Send us details of your browser

When you are reporting a support issue, it is really helpful for us to know what browser version and device you are using. Please use the link below - NB click on it from the device you are experiencing problems on

Link to click:

Next - click the green 'Send via email' button to email us the link describing all the browser details automatically. 

When it opens up the email to send, please...

... Include as much detail as possible

Just add the details of the problem you are having before you send the email to us. Please tell us:

- your name and community name (PTA)

- the type of device e.g. iPhone 5s or desktop PC

- the specific action you were trying to take on PlanSocial (e.g. volunteer for task x on event y)

- describe what happened if something went wrong. e.g "the pop-up screen disappears before I can type anything"

- if you are trying to add or assign somebody please tell us who (name/email) and to what task

- if you can provide screenshots or even record a screen video, this would be fabulous and will help us to understand the issue you are experiencing to resolve it faster.

This will really help us to understand and resolve your issue more quickly than if you simply said "It is not working". 

Thanks :)