Hi everyone, we've made it easier for people to see how many opportunities there are to volunteer for each event with a new "Chances to help" number of total (minimum) task slots. once the minimum helper requirement is satisfied, it just says "More help welcome".

If you cannot see this information for each event, you might need to clear your web browser cache, as it may be storing an old version of the web page for efficiency. Once you clear your browser cache and refresh the page you should be able to see something like this:


The number of chances to help shown is the total of the minimum number of helpers required for all the tasks on your event and activities within the event. Once this counts down to zero, it will then say "More help welcome...".  More help should always be welcome, right? If you have shut off the opportunity for more people to help in some way or other, time to think again! :)

What do you think of this change? Hope it helps. Please send your feedback to feedback@ptasocial.com along with any other suggestions you'd like to make.