Please note that we'll be making a quick update to the system at approximately 10.30pm this evening. This may cause a brief interruption which you may or may not notice. We should be done by 10.45pm. Please don't plan an major event edits during this period. Thanks! 

We'll post another note explaining what has changed afterwards... :)

Update 10:45pm: OK All done!

So - good stuff! From now on, any member can assign another helper - either an existing one, or also invite a new member and assign them to a task. So for example if you decide to help out on the BBQ stall - why not invite your bestie or your other half (of course they could be one and the same... awwwwww!) to volunteer with you. 

No more posting messages on the wall to the PTA committee saying "It will be me and my husband helping." Why not invite him and assign him to help with you? He's got an email address, hasn't he? It's wonderful to see a rise in Dads joining PTAsocial and having more of a say in PTA activities - finally! :D