Hello folks, sorry for the lack of updates here - we've been emailing you folks but forgot to put up our news here too!

Online Ticket Sales

If you are based in the UK*, your account now automatically comes with the capability to sell tickets for your events, making it super-convenient for parents to pay for tickets for events using their credit card. We don't store any credit card details - it all goes through the Stripe financial gateway, straight into your PTA's account with very modest fees. This will save you countless hours you would have spent opening envelopes, collating reply slips and banking cheques. The advantage of using PTAsocial to sell your tickets, over any other method, even a paypal button on your PTA website - is that the payment is automatically linked to a member of your PTAsocial community, so you know who's paid for what immediately.  Just go to your community Manage page to get set up in minutes! Email support@ptasocial.com if you'd like to preview how it works. Here's a sneak preview...

* Not based in the UK? Get in touch if you'd like to investigate options for selling tickets where you are!

Event Helper Reports

In the past, although you've told us you're delighted to see the number of helpers rising up on your event page, you've often been curious to know who volunteered most recently, and what task they are helping with. Well, now it's refreshingly easy to see this, in our new Event Helper Report. You can even click on any column title to oder the list in ascending or descending order by the helper's name, activity/task name, who they were assigned by, and of course the date and time that they were added as a helper. There's even a handy download button so you can save all the details in a spreadsheet if that makes life easier for you. Just click on the number of helpers on any event or activity page to see the relevant report, then use the "breadcrumb" at the top to navigate back to the event page again when you're done. Here's an example:

We hope you are enjoying using PTAsocial and we absolutely love to hear from you anyway with any feedback, either good or bad. We're super-keen to help you make your event a success to please write and let us know what you think so far and any suggestions for improvement: feedback@ptasocial.com