Sell tickets for your PTA event

Once your community manager has set up your PTA's Stripe account through the PlanSocial Manage page, you can choose an event to sell your tickets via Stripe. 

Now edit the event:

See where the registration type is indicated at the bottom. The default is RSVP:

Change this to Tickets:

Then you will be prompted to choose the payment provider:

Select the PTA Stripe that you have signed up for or configured in your Manage page:

Then press “Save changes”:

Add tickets to your event

Now when you return to the event page, you will see a tab that allows you to edit the tickets for sale on this event. Add the details. You can sell more than one ticket type if you need to. Make sure you edit the start and end times of the ticket sales period. If your event date it set, the end date for ticket sales will default to the event date. MAKE SURE you click the + button to save your ticket.

Now the Buy Tickets tab should appear, unless your event date is set in the past.

Settings - Ask a Question (optional)

In the Settings tab, you can optionally specify a question to ask the purchaser right after they buy the ticket. This can be useful for food options or asking for the details of their child’s name and class. Make sure you press Save.

Now the tickets are available for sale in the “Buy Tickets” tab. (Regular members will not have access to the other two tabs.)

The member selects the number of tickets, and a “Buy Now” button appears with total due.

Stripe payment pop-up

When they click “Buy Now”, a popup appears, allowing them to pay by Credit Card. This is powered by the Stripe payment platform. For convenience, they can check the  “remember me” box. PTAsocial does not store any credit card information - this is all handled by Stripe directly.

NB When buying from a mobile or tablet, members must be reminded to unblock pop-ups in their settings. More info on how to do this here: We recommend you mention this when you email your community about the event.

Your Stripe Dashboard

Once they have successfully paid, Stripe will email them a confirmation of their payment. You will also be able to log into your Stripe account at and view your dashboard. 

We also provide specific details of each transaction in the “meta-data”, e.g. the purchaser’s name, the event, ticket type etc.

Tickets held in reserve

Note that if a member starts the purchase transaction by clicking “Buy Now”, the tickets they are purchasing are held in reserve for 10 minutes to avoid multiple people trying to buy the same tickets (e.g. if there are only a few left). If they close the stripe pop-up without paying, the reserved tickets are released immediately.

Attendee Reports

The attendees and their total purchases are listed (only managers see total amounts paid). The details can also be downloaded as a CSV file. (This is just test screenshot, but would ordinarily have a list of attendees and all the tickets they purchased for this event.)


Transaction Reports

Individual transactions are shown to managers in the “All tickets” tab. Your event manager can also easily download a spreadsheet with all the details for the treasurer. (Look for the little red download symbol to the right hand side of the note.)


There is no monthly or annual charge for this service, but we do charge a small fee for transactions, as well as the standard payment gateway processing fee. You can find more details here. You can also upgrade by paying an annual fee to increase your account member, group and email contact limits plus benefit from discounted platform fees on transactions.

Start selling tickets now!

Log into your PlanSocial account (or start a brand new one here) and follow these instructions to set up your payment account now. 

Everything should be pretty straight-forward but if you need help anytime, just ping us at :)