How to sell tickets for PTA events

Fed up of running around collecting cheques and slips of paper and then distributing tickets to parents? Or spending hours sitting in the school reception area, selling tickets to passers-by? Say goodbye to tediousness and hello to easy-peasy online ticket sales with PlanSocial (formerly PTAsocial)! :)

Buying tickets online has never been easier for your PTA members, and it's a great incentive for them to join your PlanSocial community and get involved in volunteering. Signing up takes them less than 60 seconds: they just click your unique registration link to join your private PlanSocial community. (No account for your PTA yet? It's free - start a PlanSocial account now here!)

NB. Before you can sell tickets,  you need your PlanSocial Community Manager to connect your (or set up your new) Stripe account on the Manage page.

Add the ticketing feature to your event

So, say you are having a disco for the kids. Set up your event and volunteering tasks as usual, and set the date of your event if known.

Now edit the Event to change the registration type to "Tickets", and then select your checkout provider, i.e. your PTA's stripe account. This means money from purchased tickets goes directly into your PTA's bank account! It is automatically transferred securely within 2 working days. #winning

Okey-doke! Press save and you're ready to add the tickets you'd like to sell. You can add availability dates, prices and quantities. You might want to add several ticket types, e.g. adult ticket, child ticket, family ticket. You could even make early-bird tickets cheaper to encourage early signups!

Once you have added the ticket(s), members will be able to purchase tickets from the start date you specified. There will be a "Buy Tickets" tab displayed on the page like this (but only event managers will see the Edit Tickets or All Tickets tabs):

They can choose the quantity of tickets they want to buy. If you specified a maximum available, they will not be able to buy further tickets once they are sold out. When they have chosen, e.g. 2 tickets they see a Buy Now button:

This opens up a secure connection to the Stripe payment gateway, so they can pay by debit or credit card and purchase their tickets safely. (No payment card details are stored anywhere on our servers.) They pop their details in and pay the PTA bank account directly, receiving an email Stripe receipt right away to confirm their transaction. Since they are already logged in, they don't need to fill in any long forms or even add their name. See - easy-peasy!!

So now the number of attendees has been logged as two...

and you can click it to quickly check anytime who's bought the latest tickets...

 plus there is a printable report to take to the event too, or you can download it in spreadsheet format if you prefer. 

We also have downloadable spreadsheet reports for your treasurer detailing all the transactions and any platform or payment gateway fees.

How much does it cost?

Many PTAs worry about the cost associated with selling event tickets online, so we've explained it clearly here, with some worked examples.

Why you won't regret selling tickets online:

- it's more convenient than using cheques for a lot of busy parents, who may not remember to fill a form and send it in in time

- you avoid disappointed kids/parents if a pay-on-the-door event is full on the night

- you save loads of hassle for event volunteers who don't have to roam around to sell tickets, photocopy forms, collect forms and cheques, then distribute tickets

- minimal volunteer effort means it's easier to run more events, have more fun and raise more funds! :)

- get paid up front before an event and have guaranteed sales before buying stock

- no worries about banking cheques or lugging cash around to the bank, or worrying about security risks or money going missing

In fact, with more parents signing up to PlanSocial to buy their tickets, some PTAs find that many more parents discovered how easy it was to volunteer too! Read the case study here. That's worth celebrating!

Ready to get started?

Log into your PlanSocial account (or start a brand new one here) and follow these instructions to set up your checkout now

Pop us a note at if you need help with anything? We'd love to hear from you!