How much does it cost to sell PTA Event Tickets?

When you sell tickets in your PlanSocial Community Hub, payment transactions on the Stripe gateway incur a standard fee*, which varies depending on the country you are in, and sometimes the type of card used. However in general, for UK customers, Stripe applies a fee of 1.4% + 20p per transaction. For US customers the fee is 2.9% + 30c. In addition to this fee, PlanSocial charges a platform processing fee of up to just 1.5%*. 

Ask us about upgrade options, as you can benefit from a discounted % platform fee on ticket transactions, which may work out more cost effective overall.

Selling tickets online often increases ticket sales due to the ease with which parents can purchase their tickets for events from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, it is so much easier to organise the event, since you won't need to find volunteers to sell tickets, collect return slips and issue and distribute tickets, banking the cash or cheques. You can either build the fee into the price, or allow the option for buyers to pay the fee, or (coming soon) make the fee payment mandatory.

See some worked examples for the UK here and examples for the US here. (These examples assume that the buyer is not opting to pay the processing fees. However in reality the majority of people do!)

Ah, life is so much easier when you do things the easy way. To get started, log in and add your PTA bank account to start receiving payments directly. 

NOTE: Free 'Payment Hub' accounts are now limited to 20 active hub members, however you can sell tickets to an unlimited number of non-members on a public event page.

Start a new PlanSocial account for your PTA here if you don't have one yet.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that processing fees are non-refundable. You will be able to refund your customers on a case by case basis, minus the fees incurred. There are no extra fees specifically for processing a refund, other than the original fees charged for the transaction.

TOP TIP: If your PTA is a registered non-profit, you may be eligible for discounted Stripe fees! Write to to find out more. Your discount will apply automatically in PlanSocial when approved by Stripe.