How to set up your PTA checkout provider with Stripe

As a Community Manager, you have access to the Payments tab on the Manage page. (Contact if you cannot see this tab.)

Click the “New” button to create a Stripe account. 

(Stripe is a reliable and reputable alternative to PayPal.)

Add a label to describe your PTA’s Stripe account. This helps identify the account in case you introduce other ticket sellers in future.

Once you save this, you’ll see a “Connect with Stripe” button.

When you click the button, if you already have a Stripe account and are already logged in, PlanSocial (formerly known as PTAsocial) will ask for permission to connect it. 

Otherwise you will be prompted to create a new Stripe account on the fly. (You can still sign in to an existing account, top right.)

The first section establishes your location, full legally registered name and charity registration number (instead of Company number). 

Ignore the VAT number field. Add the school’s address. It is helpful if you have a PTA page on your school website, to enter this website address for Stripe to verify it. 

You must enter a real person’s details as a primary contact for the PTA. This would probably be the treasurer or person responsible for PlanSocial on your committee. 

Choose your country - NB currently this feature is available for UK and USA. Please contact if you would like to make this feature available in your country.

You can ignore this section:

Next enter the PTA’s name as the Business name. Add a phone number if you want ticket purchasers to be able to phone you.

Make sure you enter the bank details correctly as purchase transactions will be paid directly to this account.

Finally, enter the email address and password you will use to log in and administer your Stripe account to manage your payment transactions.

The last step is to authorise PlanSocial's access to the account so we can sell tickets on your behalf and transfer payments to your PTA’s Stripe account. This is essential in order for us to sell tickets on your behalf via PlanSocial.

Once you have done this, you can make a few tweaks to your setup by logging into Stripe and updating your Business Settings here:

Make sure the 'Public Information' accurately reflects your PTA so that a recognizable name is displayed on your customers' credit card statement. E.g. Fordham School PTA. Name the account after your school or PTA rather than a specific event, or it will quickly become out of date.

Click on “Show extra fields…” to edit your contact email address and phone number (optional) which are included in the email receipt when a member makes a purchase.

You can further edit how your email receipts look, for example add your PTA logo, change the background colour, etc. here: 

Now you can go to the event you'd like to sell tickets for and follow these instructions.