So now before you push this site live, here's a handy checklist:

- have you changed the website header to your PTA name or logo?

- have you changed the colors to your preferred palette?

- have you edited the images to better reflect your school?

- have you edited your mission and what you want parents to understand about your PTA?

- have you edited the names, photos and bios of the PTA members?

- have you edited the fundraising schemes and goals?

- have you edited how funds are spent?

- have you edited the school's map address and Contact form email address?

- have you edited the school contact info in the footer?

- have you edited or removed the social media links?

- have you edited the Stripe details in the donation form (SILVER/GOLD only)

- have you edited the Stripe details and added products in the Store?(GOLD only)

- have you upgraded to go live?

All set? You're ready to change your domain name and enjoy your new website!

If you need a hand with anything, just drop us a line at