In order to accept online payments, your PTA needs to set up a Stripe account, if you don't have one already. This will allow website visitors to make payments directly into your PTA account. 

In Europe, the Stripe payment gateway makes a charge of 1.4% +20p (European cards) or 2.9% +30 cents (International cards). 

In the US, the Stripe payment gateway makes a charge of 2.9% +30 cents (US cards) or 3.9% +30 cents (International cards). 

[For latest pricing details, please check]

To set up your account, go to and ensure you have details of your PTA bank account, school address and treasurer contact info handy. This will just take a few minutes to complete. 

Once you've created your Stripe account, Stripe provides you with a dashboard to track all incoming payments. You can also edit how your email receipts will look, adding your logo, etc.

We also encourage you to contact Stripe to request a reduced non-profit fee rate, which will then automatically apply once approved. You'll need to provide them with proof of your non-profit status.

Once you have set up your Stripe account, you are ready to add your Stripe details to your PTAsocial website to start accepting payments for donations and store purchases [Gold accounts only]. You can also connect it in your Event Organizer private community where you can sell tickets to events directly to members only.