[Donation forms are available with PTAsocial's SILVER and GOLD plans. If you have not set up a Stripe account already, do that first.]

First you need to find out what your Stripe credentials are. Log into your Stripe account and go to https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/apikeys

Take a look at the TOKEN values for your Standard Publishable and Secret keys. You'll need to copy these values into PTAsocial.

Now, in PTAsocial's web builder, click on the donation form, then click the cog symbol to edit the form settings. Make sure you add the Stripe Publishable Key, Private key, and also update the email address where you'd like to be notified when someone makes a donation. You can also change the currency, and state whether the amount is entered by the visitor or is preset.

That's it! Now you are all set to receive donations via your PTAsocial website. 

NB This was about taking payments on your public website. To connect your stripe account in your private event organizer app community - see these instructions.

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