[NB Store is only available in GOLD plan - you can upgrade to GOLD on your Manage page. If you have not set up a Stripe account already, do that first.]

When people buy products in your Store, you'll need to connect your Stripe account so your PTA can get paid directly. In the top left corner of your screen, you will see that you can switch from the Builder to the Store.

Your Dashboard will give you the option to set up a Payment Method, click 'CONNECT PAYMENT'.

Now you'll see Stripe listed as the first payment option.

Click on 'CONNECT STRIPE' and you'll be asked to fill in the Stripe Publishable and Secret keys from your Stripe account. 

When you log into your Stripe dashboard, you will find these keys under Developers > API Keys, as follows:

Once you have entered them, click on Check and SAVE SETTINGS. 

All done! People can now buy products from your store!