You may want to share your event page with non-members, particularly if you are starting out and trying to grow your PTAsocial community from scratch. You can now do this!

Each event can be set up as private (the default) or public. Making an event public or private will automatically apply the same setting to any activities of that event.

You can edit this new 'Public' setting on the Event Edit page - change it to Yes:

Then when you share the event URL with people, e.g.

Non-members will see a simplified version of the page (no helper names are displayed), and they can click a button to offer help on a particular task, like this:


At that point, they will be registering as normal, and once approved, they will be able to volunteer. 

However, if you want them to be automatically approved, you can now also change the following setting on the Manage Page Settings tab:

In this scenario, when they register they will automatically be able to log in and will be volunteered immediately for the task they picked, unless it is no longer available.

This is perfect for large events where you need a lot of volunteers, and they can just automatically sign up for tasks as needed. Give it a go for your Family Fun Day! You can also sell tickets, which will encourage more parents to register for your online community.