How to launch your summer fair campaign in 4 easy steps

Why are you wrangling with emails, clipboards, facebook and whatsapp messages when you could get a hundred people helping you run your PTA fair this summer without all that hassle? Here's what to do - it will take you as little as 15 minutes to set up and it's totally free for up to 100 registered members!

1. Start a free online community on PlanSocial [1 min]

2. Create an event using our Summer Fair template [15 secs]

3. Edit the tasks and timings to suit your event [10+ mins]

4. Publish the event and share the link with everyone at school! [2 mins]

Next, watch as the volunteer slots fill up!

Start your free PTA Community Hub on PlanSocial now and make your summer fair a fantastic success. No credit card required, no time limit, no upgrade required unless you want to allow more than 100 members to log in.

It's time to get a little help, from a lot of people! :)