Final touches to get this event live: Edit the event details [2 mins]

To move the event out of your drafts folder and into your Events list, you need to set the date

If you have a specific person/people managing the event you can add them as managers, so they can edit it themselves, post messages to members and helpers, and receive any messages posted by members on the message wall. (Same goes for each activity booth/stall - great for delegating!)

If you want to make the event page publicly available, edit the Public setting. This will automatically make all activity pages public too, but the message walls are only visible to logged in members. 

NB ONLY once it is set to yes - you can share the event URL (e.g.[the-event-number]) - otherwise you must instead share your community registration ([your-unique-community-url]). {NB these example links here will obviously not work!}

When people see the event page and want to choose a task to help with, they will be prompted to register so we can put their name against the task, and send them a confirmation email. As the Community Manager, you will receive an email asking you to approve each member. If you'd rather just automatically approve them, change your 'Self registration approval' setting on the Manage page to 'No'.

YAY! Now you are ready to share the event link! 

Hope you enjoy using PTAsocial and see some great results this summer and enjoy many more volunteers at your fair! 


If you need any assistance, drop us a line at