When you are deleted as a member (e.g. if you are removed by a PTA Community Manager, or if you leave via your profile page), if you are only a member of a single community, then your email address and phone number will be removed altogether from the system. (If you are still an active member of another community, your email and phone number will be retained to be used for that active community.)

From that moment on, in the community that you left, nobody will be able to find you in the members list when they try to create a new private message or assign a member to a task. Your name will no longer have a clickable link to your profile page. You will no longer receive any email notifications from the community.

However, if you have volunteered for any tasks in the past, or replied to any messages on the message wall, or RSVPd or bought a ticket, then your name will be displayed against those tasks/messages/events even after we delete you. This provides your school community with some reference to people they remember personally and provides some context. This can only be seen by current members of the private community when they view past events or messages.

If you are not satisfied with this, and would like to remove your name completely from all old messages and contexts, please contact support at support@ptasocial.com with your name, email and community name, and we'll gladly anonymise your trail of interactions completely for all remaining users.

You can leave a Community from your profile preferences as shown below.