Groups provide a way to gather together members of your community in relevant groups, for example those that are in your PTA committees, or to connect with other parents in their child's class. Add 'group folders' for year groups, and 'member groups' for class groups that you want people to join. Group folders will help you keep your member groups organised. 

Make sure you publish your groups using the 'eye' icon on the right hand side when you are ready for parents to join. It's also a good idea to leave a message on the News wall so that new members who join your Community Hub will be prompted to add themselves to the right groups. Post something along the lines of:

"Welcome to our school's private community hub on PlanSocial. Please add yourself to relevant Groups by clicking the button above. You can connect with other parents in your child's class, or get involved in committees or other discussion groups. Let us know if there are other groups you would find useful."

Watch this short intro video:

This is just the first version of our groups feature, and is currently limited to adding existing community members to groups. So initially you just need to invite people to the community first, before adding them to a group. 

You can also learn more about how to edit the settings for your groups here.

We'd love your feedback on this feature! Our small team has worked very hard to deliver it to you, so if you like it, your praise will be music to our ears. Drop us a note using the feedback tab!

We'll be adding more enhancements soon, so your suggestions for improvement are also welcome.