First you'll need to set up a free PlanSocial hub for your school.You may already have set up a Stripe account yet to sell online tickets, or you can set it up now to start receiving for donations.

You'll see a Donate button at the top, and this will show you how to get set up easily.

From there you will be directed to the Manage page, where you can choose your Stripe account into which you would like to pay donations.

You can also choose the welcome text to add to the top of your page, and suggest up to 4 amounts to be donated, and the order in which you would like them to appear. If you edit the default text, just click anywhere outside the text box on the page where there is white space, and your change will be automatically saved.

You'll also see any donations reported clearly as soon as they are received.

Here's an example of adding suggested amounts.

Once you are happy with all the settings, just click the Activate button shown below to publish your page. 

This makes Donations active.


And here's what the Donations page looks like when you're done:

You can also collect Corporate Matching information, to maximize your income.

You can share the page publicly, i.e. parents don't have to be members of your hub in order to donate.

Hope you enjoy using this feature, and that it brings in a lot of money for your PTO! Get in touch if we can do more to improve it for you.

What are you waiting for?

Log in now and set up your donations page. 

Don't have a free Community Hub set up yet for your school? Set it up now in 2 minutes